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PTA Fundraisers

Getting Involved

We are always looking for volunteers! Below is a description of the fundraisers held by Mountain Meadows PTA.  To get involved, check out the current volunteer opportunities, contact the person leading the event as listed below or contact Shelah Delarosa.  When it comes to fundraising...the more the merrier!  Get involved today.

Mountain Meadows PTA Fundraisers

Here are some of our Fundraisers! Contact Adam Meyerson for more information.


Bust-A-Move: This new annual event is held in the fall on the final day of Spirit Week.  It celebrates our children’s health by encouraging them to "Bust a Move" (or dance & groove) in a scheduled 30-minute period.  Each child gets a financial pledge sheet to take home for friends and family to sponsor them.  It is a fun day for all who participate and a low-cost fundraiser for PTA. 


Family Fun Night: Our main fundraiser and FUN raiser!  This annual May event requires a lot of planning and all the help available.  This event includes: fun and activities, a bake sale, food and goodies, blind draw baskets, silent auction, live auction and raffle drawings.  It is also a night to visit your child's classroom.  Catch up with other families and have a ball! 


Grocery Receipts - eScrip and Shoparoo: With eScrip, once a member signs up, this year-round fundraiser earns money when they shop at VONS and dine at selected restaurants.  Renewal is required every year. Great News from Shoparoo, from now until the end of December 2013 we can add certain non-grocery store related receipts! Stores include Best Buy, Kohls and Gamestop. Contact: Shelah Delarosa


And remember to come to our Bake Sales, Jamba Juice Fridays and more!