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Other PTA Services

Comfort Kits:

This kit includes items that would be helpful in an emergency situation (Emergency blanket, trash bag, band aides, pencil, paper, tissues, alcohol wipes).  Each student has the option to add the following to customize the kit: chapstick, sunscreen, family photo/note, granola bar, gum.  Each teacher organizes the kits by classroom and the kits are returned at the end of the year for reuse.  Kits as sold through PTA for $6 each.  Order forms are available in the office and on the back of each PTA newsletter via the T-Shirt order.  Turn into the office with payment and your order will be sent home through your child’s teacher.

Volunteer Opportunities: New school year sales, re-stocking kits.

2017/2018 Chair: Hunter Yuro


Spirit Wear

The official Mountain Meadow T-Shirts are available through the PTA.  Prices will vary depending on style and size.  We are looking for a 2017/2018 Chair for Spirit Wear. Contact Erin Dimberg if you are interested in volunteering.




Providing information on current events and updates from the school and PTA, this newsletter is published in English and Spanish four times a year.  It is always available to read and print from the school/PTA website at

Volunteer Opportunities: Desktop Publishing

We are looking for a 2017/2018 Chair. Contact Erin Dimberg if you are interested in volunteering.


PTA Website:

The Mountain Meadows PTA website is included on the Mountain Meadows school website at  The website has information on all that PTA does at Mountain Meadows.  Meeting time, current events and announcements are also included.  The PTA hopes that the website is an information and resourceful place to get current information regarding Mountain Meadows PTA.

Volunteer Opportunities: Basic website maintenance.

2017/2018 Chair: Lisa Walsh




With each new school year we hold a new membership drive.  These drives build our base of supporters and volunteers.  They also help our parents and staff to understand better what PTA provides to Mountain Meadows.  When contests are held in conjunction to the membership drive, the students can also get excited about the support they receive at school.  With higher membership enrollment Mountain Meadows has a higher number of representatives that can go to state conferences where decisions and directions for PTA are influenced.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Preparing and distributing membership packets, gathering and counting money and memberships, organizing and tracking classroom and grade level contests, preparing the membership board, removing the membership board in June, database entry of membership information, printing and distributing membership cards.

2017/2018 Chair: Shelah DelaRosa


Yearbook: This annual publication includes every student’s school pictures and photographic highlights for each grade throughout the school year.  It is a beautiful, full-color memory book with a sturdy binding to last years.  This book is not a fundraiser.  It is priced to cover expenses and allow for copies to be gifted to staff members. 

Volunteer Opportunities:  Take pictures, completes photographic layouts based on grade, class or event, coordinate a grade level, lead the committee, monitor sales, distribute the final yearbooks.

2017/2018 Chair: Ileana Guitierrez